Transcript Condensing and Indexing Software
Software for the Legal Industry since 1991
Compatible with all Court Reporting Software -and- all properly created ASCII files
See for yourself why other reporters upgrade from the free Condensing
and Indexing software that came bundled with their CAT software!
It's because ProTEXT is simple to use and yields the largest print in the legal industry!
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View Samples of ProTEXT and ProDEX Printed to an Adobe .pdf file
ProTEXT 4-UP Sample PDF Q and A - directly from ProTEXT
ProTEXT 4-UP Sample PDF Colloquy - directly from ProTEXT
ProTEXT 6-UP Sample PDF Q and A - - directly from ProTEXT
Look at this deposition printed with ProTEXT
The settings used in this printout were:
4-UP (any setting from 1-256 per sheet can be used)
Tahoma Font (ProTEXT can use any TrueType Font)
Bold Questions Enabled (choose from None, Bold, Shaded, Underlined Q and A)
Normal Border with Shading (ProTEXT has eleven different border styles)

ProTEXT is the only Condensing Software that uses "Fontsmash" technology
to yield the Most Readable condensed documents in the Legal Industry!

Your Computer Screen resolution (92 dpi) is not sufficient to display the image
printed by your printer (300 - 2400 dpi), but this will give you a good idea... - WOW!
ProTEXT Deposition Printed to 92dpi Screen Device