==== WordPerfect Users ====
NEVER use "File, Save As" to make ASCII files!
Read Support Questions 76 and 83 and 84 - (Using Generic Text ASCII files)
==== Microsoft Word Users ====
NEVER use "File, Save As" to make ASCII files!
Read Support Questions 68 and 75 - (Use Generic Text method to make ASCII files)

Tech Support is for ProTEXT questions, not Word and Word Perfect questions
If that does not fix your ASCII problems, it ends there. I have no further "secret" information - that is all I have.
There's a big company "eTranscript" that can help you with Word and WordPerfect problems, just not me.
Our price is the lowest in Court Reporting history - that is why - we don't have Tech Support.

After 22 years of Tech Support, Rocky developed Throat Cancer. He unfortunately died from his illness on July 10, 2012.
It is easier for me to try and answer your questions by email.
Please don't email me your phone number and ask me to call you, that defeats the purpose!
In your Email - You MUST tell me which program you are asking about...
Example: - the Old ProTEXT, the Old ProDEX, or the New ProTEXT3

Thank you for your understanding. Mary Jane Wright, owner, www.protext.com

NOTE: ProTEXT3 does not have Tech Support - (because of it's rock bottom price)
Tech Support is Limited - Emergency Only - or Fix Customer Number problems
Ask a question about ProTEXT3 - (not Word or WordPerfect)
  MrETS@xmission.com       <=== Click link to left to send email

  Give your ProTEXT3 Customer Number somewhere in your eMail...
  To find your Customer Number :
    1 - Start ProTEXT3, from the Main Menu, click "Help".
    2 - click "View your ProTEXT Expiry Date..."
    3 - Your Customer Number then appears in Big Bold Letters - I need that.
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