You order ProTEXT3 from inside the program
You do this by Extending your Expiry Date -- Here's How...
1 - Start your ProTEXT3 Software From ProTEXT3, click "Help," then "View your Expiry Date"
 (you will see how much time you have remaining)

2 - Extend your Expiry Date From ProTEXT3, click "Help," then "Extend your Expiry Date"
 (fill out the simple form)

3 - You're Finished Our Secure Web Server immediately Extends your Expiry Date
 (you immediately receive more time!)
Extending your Expiry Date is completely automated.
You can do it anytime 24 hours per day.
The web server automatically extends your Expiry Date.
The secure web server keeps all of your information private.

For Past Customers ---
If you have purchased the old versions of ProTEXT and/or ProDEX after 2005,
Please use the 'Contact' Link (above) to email Rocky Patterson.
Rocky can look you up and apply any time you have earned to your new ProTEXT3 Expiry Date.
1 - Please provide your new ProTEXT3 customer number. (from 'Help', 'View your Expiry Date')
2 - Please provide your old ProTEXT or ProDEX customer number. (from your ProTEXT CD)
3 - If you don't know your old ProTEXT or ProDEX customer number,
    please provide Name, Address, Zip code, Phone Number, etc
    and whatever will help Rocky look you up in our extensive customer database.

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