ProTEXT3 - Condensing and Indexing software for Court Reporters

ProTEXT3 Condensing and Indexing software

The NEW ProTEXT3 - Condensing and Indexing software - FREE Download

You immediately receive Six Weeks of FREE Time, just for downloading.

The download is FREE and anonymous. There is no obligation to purchase.
After Six Weeks, you can decide if you want to purchase more time.

The cost for more time is $50.00 for Six Months, which you can purchase from inside the program.

Download NEW ProTEXT 3 <== Click yellow area to begin download

Download the OLD ProTEXT Demo software
The Download will install these 3 programs
Our 3 Programs
Download Instructions
1 - Press the yellow download button below. (This runs the "prodemo.exe" install program.)
Download     ( it's a small file, only 1,061,773 bytes)
2 - Press the "Run" or "Save File" button, (depending on your web browser).
From Windows Internet Explorer
From Internet Explorer, Press Run
From Mozilla Firefox
From Mozilla Firefox, Press Save File, then Open
3 - If asked "Do you want to install and run prodemo.exe"? - press "Yes".
4 - Accept all of the Install Defaults by Pressing the "OK" button several times.
After the demo is Installed - Drag the shortcut Icons out of the box
Drag the Icons out of this box
After you have dragged the Icons out of the box, you can close the box.
NOTE: If you don't drag the Icons out of the box, they will disappear when Windows Restarts!

To Run ProTEXT
1 - Double Click the ProTEXT Icon.
2 - Use "File" then "Open" to load in one of your ASCII TEXT transcripts.
3 - Use "File" then "Print" to print your reduced transcript.

You can view the ProTEXT and ProDEX Mini-Manual here.
The PRODEMO.EXE install program does the following:
1 - Creates a new folder named C:\PROTEXT
2 - Creates a shortcut icon for each of the 3 programs
3 - Extracts the following files into the C:\PROTEXT folder
   PROTEXT.EXE  (ProTEXT - Condensing Program)
   PRODEX.EXE   (ProDEX - Indexing Program)
   PROEDIT.EXE  (ProEDIT - ASCII Text Editor Program)
   CHICKEN.TXT  (Sample transcript about a chicken who ran away)
   ABBOTT.TXT   (Sample transcript from "Who's on first?" by Abbott and Costello)
   PRODEX.NDX   (Sample keyword index)
   PROTEXT.HLP  (Help File for ProTEXT)
   PRODEX.HLP   (Help File for ProDEX)
   PROEDIT.HLP  (Help File for the ASCII Text Editor)
   PRODEX.EXC   (Indexing Exclude Word List)