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Popular Questions
Is the ProTEXT DEMO that we Download here fully functional ?
Yes. The DEMO versions of ProTEXT and ProDEX are the real thing,
but the DEMO overlays "SAMPLE" over the lower right corner.
How much does Tech Support cost before I purchase the program ?
Nothing. It's FREE.
How much does a Support Contract cost after I purchase the program ?
Nothing. It's FREE, and always has been, since 1991.
One reason to buy our software instead of our competition. - Another reason - ours is better.
By the way - MinUScript charges $95 per year for support!
By the way - E-Transcript charges $1,000 per year for support!
What about ProEDIT ?
ProEDIT is NOT a DEMO. It's the real thing, and it's yours to keep just for trying our ProTEXT and ProDEX demo. We are proud to be the first company to release an ASCII TEXT EDITOR for the Court Reporting and Legal Industry.
Can ProEDIT really create a job from scratch ?
Yes. You can use it to create your entire transcript, if you like. Just like Word Perfect, Corel, etc. It can enter text, carriage returns, page breaks, cut, copy, paste, mark blocks -- Everything you normally do in a full featured editor. It's only limitation at this time is that it doesn't have a Spell Checker.
Can ProTEXT and ProDEX print my ASCII's and Transcripts ?
Yes. We encourage you to print any transcripts that you have created. The demo also comes with two example transcripts: "Abbott and Costello" and "Chicken" for you to experiment with.
May I change my Header and Footer lines ?
Yes. You have up to 3 header and 3 footer lines. Remember, the demo version is fully functional. No features have been removed, disabled or hidden.
Can I stop the examples from loading each time ?
Yes, to make the example files go away:
   1 - From the ProTEXT Menu -- Select Options - Misc Setup.
   2 - Then de-select the option labeled "Show Example File on Startup".
May I use the demo for as long as I want ?
Yes. You can use it as many times as you like, there is no time or usage limit.
How do I remove the "SAMPLE" from the demo ?
You have to purchase the program. Simply select "Options", then "Unlock the Demo" from inside each program. When you place your order for ProTEXT or ProDEX, you will be given a secret code over the telephone which removes the "SAMPLE" completely for exactly two weeks. This gives us time to ship your retail version. You should be running the ProTEXT or ProDEX demo when you make the phone call. Toll Free: (800) 387-7003 8am-6pm MST.

Using ProTEXT - to make a Condensed Transcript
What does ProTEXT do ?
ProTEXT prints Condensed ASCII Text files created from your Court Reporting "CAT" software. ProTEXT uses TrueType fonts and "fontsmash" to produce the most readable font scientifically attainable.
What should I do ?
Experiment with the example files that came with ProTEXT, then open an ASCII text file (ASCII disk) that you created from your CAT software.
Where does my job come from ?
1 - First, you need an ASCII TEXT file (ASCII disk) from your CAT software.
2 - Select File then Open from the menu in ProTEXT.
3 - Navigate your disk drive(s) to locate your ASCII file, then press OK.
     Your condensed transcript will appear in the window - it's that easy.
4 - Change any settings, then Select File then Print.
How do I print my file ?
From the menu in ProTEXT, select File, then Print.
How do I change my Headers and Footers ?
From the menu in ProTEXT, select Options then Headers and Footers. You can type up to three Header Lines and three Footer Lines. You can use any fonts you wish, in any size. You can select Left, Center or Right Justify independently for each of the six header and footer lines.
How do I change my transcript Fonts ?
From the menu in ProTEXT, select Options then Fonts. You have independent control of the four font types that may be used in printing transcripts. You will normally change the font labeled "Testimony", which affects all pages which are not title pages or certificate pages. Please feel free to experiment with different fonts. Courier New is the default font, and it looks very nice, but Windows comes with a variety of fonts which may look better!
How do I print a Full Size Title Page ?
From the menu in ProTEXT, select Options then Title and Cert Pages, then check the box labeled: "Print First Title Page as Full Size Sheet".
How can I Edit my raw ASCII Text file ?
You can use "ProEDIT" which is included with ProTEXT, or "Notepad" or "WordPad" which shipped with Windows. These simple text editors can be found from "Start", "Programs" then "Accessories".
ProEDIT can enter Page Breaks, while Notepad and WordPad can't.

Using ProDEX - to make a Keyword Index
What does ProDEX do ?
ProDEX is a highly specialized program that prints a word index from an ASCII TEXT file. ProDEX is designed to make the job of indexing a transcript easy for you. ProDEX gives you the most advanced typesetting features available on the market today. You have complete control of every aspect of the finished index. ProDEX comes with a thoroughly tested "Exclude Word List" which automatically throws away "noise" words such as "and", "the", etc. You can, of course, choose to index every word in a transcript if you wish.
Where does my file come from ?
Normally, you first run the Condensing program, ProTEXT. When you Quit ProTEXT, the ProDEX Indexing software will start up automatically and begin indexing.
How do I Print my Index ?
From the menu in ProDEX, select File then Print an Index File. Choose your Index file from the list, then press OK.
How do I change Fonts, Columns, etc. ?
- Select Options then Fonts to choose fonts and sizes for your words, word count, page numbers, line numbers, title characters and border widths.
- Select Options then Layout to change the number of columns per page for your printed index. You can choose between 1 and 6 columns.
- Select Options then Indents to change the indentation of the word line and the subsequent lines of page - line pairs for words.
- Select Options then Word Count to turn the word count feature on and off. The word count is printed to the right of each word when this feature is enabled.
What if my transcript doesn't start on Page 1 ?
Select Options then Misc Setup Inside the "Change Starting Page Number" box, type in the correct starting page number inside the "Transcript Starts on Page" box. Press the OK button.

TIP: Solution to a Common Problem
TIP: Testimony pages should fill the squares completely.
This is the only common problem ProTEXT users experience.
From the main menu in ProTEXT, select Options, then Title and Certificate Pages.
Then select the appropriate count of both Title and Certificate pages.
Any page at the beginning of a transcript that contains any Single Spaced lines must be counted as a Title Page. The same rule applies for any pages at the end of the transcript (Certificate Pages).
  1. From the main menu in ProTEXT, select About, then About File to look for pages containing Single Spaced lines.
  2. From the main menu in ProTEXT, select Options, then Title and Certificate Pages, then Help for a more detailed solution for this problem.
NOTE: Click Here for complete details about fixing this problem