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All Word and WordPerfect users - ProTEXT3 Disclaimer

Word and WordPerfect can create ASCII files that have errors like:

  1. Missing Page Breaks. (These are Critical, and MUST be fixed manually)
  2. Page Breaks in the wrong places. (These are Critical, and MUST be fixed manually)
  3. Missing Line Numbers. (ProTEXT3 can simulate Line Numbers, however)

Is ProTEXT3 right for you?

  1. You understand you must repair your ASCII's with ProTEXT3 before Condensing and Indexing.
  2. You understand disk drives, folders and files, file names, file types and extensions.
  3. You understand ASCII files, and how to edit them.
  4. You have tried the ProTEXT3 demo software many times and are confident with your ASCII files.
  5. You understand there are no refunds for Word -and- WordPerfect users.
    (That's why you practiced using the ProTEXT3 demo)
  6. You understand that Word and WordPerfect ASCII file conversion is YOUR responsibility.
    (You can call support for questions about ProTEXT3, however)
  7. You agree to fill out and submit this Word-WordPerfect User disclaimer form

I Agree to the following terms

  1. I understand that I must cleanup my ASCII files after converting from Word or Word Perfect.
  2. I understand that ASCII files must contain accurate Page Breaks and Line Numbers.
  3. I have used the ProTEXT3 program enough times that I am confident with my ASCII files.
  4. I understand that protext support can't answer questions about bad Word and WordPerfect ASCII files.
    (I can call support for questions about ProTEXT3, however)
  5. I hold ProTEXT3 blameless for any errors in my ASCII files.
  6. I agree that making good ASCII files is My Responsibility.

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