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Printer Driver Error - Fix for any Laser Printer that is "PCL" compatible
First - Find your Printer's PORT -- This item is VERY IMPORTANT!!!
From ProTEXT or ProDEX select "File", then "Printer Setup"
Look to the right of "Where:" then Remember it - or- Write it Down
ProTEXT, File, Printer Setup Dialog
Next - Start the Windows Add Printer Wizard
Press your Windows "Start" button, "Control Panel" then "Printers" ( or "Printers and Faxes" )
Double Click "Add Printer", "Next" then "Local Printer"
-- Un-Check the box "Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer"
(This is important!) Do it as shown in the picture below:
Add Printer Wizard
Press "Next", then Select the Port that you remembered (above) from the First Step.
You MUST choose the Correct Port
Press "Next", then Select "HP" then "HP LaserJet III"
Select the HP LaserJetIII printer driver
-- When you get to: "Use this as default printer" Select "No"
-- When you get to: "Print a test page" Select "Yes"
-- Keep pressing "Next" and finally press "Finish"
-- ( test page won't print until you press "Finish", by the way )
-- If the Test Page Didn't Print, be sure you selected the Correct Port, press Back and fix the Port
Now open ProTEXT or ProDEX, select "File" then "Printer Setup"
Choose the newly installed "HP LaserJet III" from the list of printers, and Press "OK"
NOTE: ProTEXT and ProDEX will remember the new printer, you only have to do this one time.