Online Technical Support
This applies to the OLD ProTEXT - NOT the NEW ProTEXT3
Word and WordPerfect users
Use ProEDIT to open your ASCII from Word and WordPerfect - Not ProTEXT
  1. ProEDIT has a better File, Open for Word and WordPerfect users
    It is much easier to find your "My Documents" and "Desktop" folder
  2. From ProEDIT you can easily tell if you have opened the correct ASCII file
  3. From ProEDIT you can clean up any missing Page Breaks, etc.
ProEDIT has a better File - Open

Step 1 - Enable this feature in ProEDIT - "Run ProTEXT on exit"
Enable - Run ProTEXT on exit

Step 2 - Open the ASCII file that you made from Word or WordPerfect
Click No if this appears If this message appears,
Press No
If you get a File Sharing Violation, Go Back to Word or WordPerfect, and close the document.
(After Word/WordPerfect converts to ASCII, it opens the ASCII for Editing!)

Step 3 - Look at your ASCII, make any changes, then exit
Save your changes? If this message appears,
Press YES
Your ASCII file will now open in ProTEXT - the Condensing program