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ProDEX indexes too few words (or no words) - How to fix the problem

Cause:    The ASCII file has NO Line Numbers
This is a common problem with ASCII files converted from Word -and- Word Perfect
Fix: Turn on the ProDEX "Enable No Line Numbers" option
(This option is always on when the program is new)

First, in ProDEX, select "Options", then "Misc Setup"
   Check the "Enable No Line Numbers Error" box as shown below
   Press OK

Later, when ProDEX displays this dialog in the future:
   Select - "Use AMERICAN style simulated line numbers"
   Un-Check - "Don't display this message in the future"
   Press OK

  • NOTE - Why this happens: By default, ProDEX ignores any line that doesn't begin with a line number.
    This prevents ProDEX from indexing Header and Footer lines, Page Numbers,
    and un-numbered lines in Title Pages, Cert Pages, etc.
    All well formed ASCII files must contain Line Numbers (in the U.S.A. Legal Industry),
    but, using the settings above, ProDEX can handle bad ASCII files with no line numbers.