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How can I email a Condensed or Keyword Index using ProTEXT3?
Before you begin, Look at the installed Printers on Your Computer
   ( You are looking for PDF Printer Drivers )
These are Excellent PDF Printer Drivers Click your Windows Start button,
then click Printers and Faxes
   ( or Control Panel, Printers and Faxes )
to show your Printer Drivers.

Look for "PDF" Printer Drivers.
Links to their websites:
PDF reDirect Click Here - Best
PDF 995 Click Here - Not Bad
Cute PDF Click Here - Hard to Use

STEP 1 -- Do you have a good PDF Printer Driver installed?
YES - Proceed to STEP 2
NO - Install one of these PDF Printer Drivers from the internet
For EXAMPLE: - From the CutePDF website:
This is only a Picture of their website
For EXAMPLE: - From the PDF reDirect website:
This is only a Picture of their website
For EXAMPLE: - From the PDF995 website:
This is only a Picture of their website
STEP 2 -- Print to your PDF Printer Driver from ProTEXT3
1 - Run the ProTEXT3 program.
2 - Click File, then Open, to open your ASCII Transcript file.
3 - Click File, then Printer Setup...
4 - Change Printer Name to One of your PDF Printers, then click OK
      DO NOT CHECK "Print to File" - ( this is very important! )
5 - Now, when you Print your Condensed or Index, it will create a PDF file on your hard drive.
NOTE: PDF gives you a chance to set the Drive, Folder and Filename that will contain your generated PDF File.
Pay Attention - Please Remember this Filename and Folder!
STEP 3 -- Create an e-mail, with your PDF file(s) attached
1 - Run your e-mail program, type your email, all as normal.
2 - Attach the PDF file(s) you created in STEP 2 (above).
How to attach a .pdf file to an e-mail (or any file, for that matter!)
  From Outlook Express - Click "Insert" then "File attachment..."
  From Mozilla Thunderbird - Click "File" then "Attach file"
    NOTE: You can attach more than one PDF file to an e-mail, if you want.
Click Here to see a PDF file created from ProTEXT. (Opens in New Tab)