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Switch easily between Condensing and Editing
To Switch from ProTEXT (Condensing) to ProEDIT (Editing)
If you want to Edit or View your ASCII file from ProTEXT - It's EASY!
1 - From ProTEXT
click "Edit"
then "Edit ASCII using ProEDIT"
Running ProEDIT from ProTEXT
2 - If this message appears, press "OK"
NOTE: You can turn this message off, as shown below.
You can turn this message off
2a - If this message appears - Press No
Press No if this appears
3 - Your ASCII file is now open in the ProEDIT text editing program.
You can do many things in ProEDIT, such as:
  1. View the entire contents of your file.
  2. Make changes to anything you want in your file.
  3. Fix any missing Page Breaks.
  4. Fix any misaligned Title pages.
  5. Fix any spelling mistakes.

Switch from ProEDIT (Editing) to ProTEXT (Condensing)
If you want to Condense your ASCII file from ProEDIT - It's EASY!
1 - From ProEDIT
click "Options"
then "Run ProTEXT on exit"
Run ProTEXT on Exit
NOTE: ProEDIT will remember this setting!
2 - Make any changes you like,
then Close ProEDIT.
NOTE: You can Save your Changes, if you wish.
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Your ASCII file will now Open in ProTEXT - It's Easy