Page Break

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What is a Page Break?
Page Breaks separate pages in ASCII Text files.

The Cardinal Rule of ASCII Files:
ASCII files MUST have a Page Break at the bottom of each and every page.
There are no exceptions to this rule.

Missing Page Breaks will cause severe errors in Condensing and Indexing programs!

All Condensing and Indexing programs require properly created ASCII files.

Picture of a Page Break

    To insert a Page Break into your document using our ProEDIT:

1 - Move the blinking cursor to the place where the page break is needed.
2 - Press the Control and Enter keys at the same time.

(You can also press Shift Enter)

NOTE: ASCII files never begin with a Page Break.
NOTE: ASCII files always end with a Page Break.
NOTE: In the past, some books called page breaks "form feeds" or "new page" characters. These terms all mean the same thing. The term "page break" has been the most generally accepted, however, so that is the term we use throughout our documentation.