Online Technical Support
How to Condense and Index a Transcript
1 - Create an ASCII file of your transcript
  1. Use your CAT software (preferred) or Word Processor (not as good).
    Our programs use the same ASCII file that you deliver to your client (when asked) along with the full size transcript printout.
  2. The ASCII file can reside on any of your disk drives:
    Floppy Drive, Hard Drive, Thumb Drive, CD-Rom, a Drive on your Network, etc.
    Note: ALL Condensing and Indexing programs need ASCII files.
    MS Word and WordPerfect must first be converted to ASCII.
    Condensing programs don't accept .doc or .wpd files.
Word and Word Perfect - Check your ASCII file for Errors
  1. CAT software normally makes PERFECT ASCII files, you may skip this step.
  2. If you created your ASCII from MS Word or Word Perfect, this step is a must!
    You can use our FREE ASCII editor, ProEDIT, to view, modify and save any changes that are needed (if any) to make your ASCII file reflect the true court record.
    Verify that there are No missing Page Breaks!
2 - Run ProTEXT - the Condensing program
  1. From ProTEXT, select "File" then "Open".
  2. Locate the ASCII file (from above) from the disk drive where it resides.
    If it is on a Hard Drive, it will likely be in a sub folder of that drive.
    It is your job to know which folder the file was saved in.
  3. The condensed image will now appear inside the program window.
  4. Select "File" then "Print" to print your condensed transcript.
    HINT: Selecting "Options" then "Misc Setup" then "Run ProDEX on Exit"
    will automatically launch the Indexing program when you exit ProTEXT!
3 - Run ProDEX - the Indexing program
  1. By default, when you close the Condensing program, the Index starts automatically.
    If the Keyword Index didn't start automatically when closing ProTEXT,
    ... then, from ProDEX, select "File" then "Make an Index".
  2. Locate the ASCII file. (just like you did when Condensing)
  3. The finished Index will now appear inside the program window.
  4. Select "File" then "Print an Index" and choose your index from the list.
NOTE: Our support department has received thousands of calls from users complaining that there is something wrong with their ASCII files. (usually made from Word or WordPerfect)
PLEASE: YOU are responsible for the contents of your ASCII file.
It is your job to create a valid ASCII file, and that it contains Page Breaks and has Line Numbers.