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ProDEX Version History
Jul 19 2002 ProDEX Version 2.1 Released
To Compensate for Bad Printer Drivers:
Jul 02 Changed 'printer_extra' (dmDriverExtra) from 500 to 1000 to 2000 bytes
Aug 1 1998 ProDEX Version 2.0 Released
Mar 98 Make the 'No Line Numbers' Dialog Modal. User can't exit ProDEX when this dialog is up. (GPF)
May 98 Add Hotkey 'Ctrl+P' for 'Print an Index'.
May 98 Change the 'OK' and 'Help' buttons. Make them look like Borlands'.
Apr 98 Add 'Don't show this in the future' option to 'No Line Numbers' Dialog.
Apr 98 Add 'Enable Append File' message.
Apr 98 Show Binary Character and 1st line it appeared on.
Apr 98 Add 'Index Finished - Press OK' dialog.
Feb 98 Add more space above top Footer Line. (calc.cpp added 'locs.footers.top_gut')
May 97 Allow 5 digit 'Starting Page Number'. (Main.cpp:2364)
Apr 14 1997 ProDEX Version 1.3 Released
Apr 97 Re-Index automatically when user changes starting page number.
Apr 97 Allow filename to be passed to ProDEX from the command line.
Jun 11 1996 ProDEX Version 1.2 Re-Released
Sep 96 'Tab' characters in source file are expanded to 'spaces'.
Sep 96 Make Dialogs that have Listboxes respond to double clicking on the selected item.
Jun 96 HP 600 and HP 800 Bad Printer Drivers. Compensate for this.
Jun 96 Any page with more than 255 lines hang ProDEX - fix it.
Apr 96 If first char in file is a Page Break, Ignore it.
Nov 28 1995 ProDEX Versin 1.2 Released
Nov 95 Fix all 'GetTextExtent()' calls for Win32 'SetViewportExt()'.
Nov 95 Make the default 'PAGE:line' number darker.
Nov 95 Fix: 'File' 'Print Preview' causes screen redraw when you don't change anything and press 'OK'.
Nov 95 Add: Windows Version to 'About' 'Free Resources' dialog.
Nov 95 Win95: Some drivers (WinFax,HPIII v3.1) would GPF during 'analyze_file()'. Difficult fix - 5 days.
Nov 95 Fix: 'Options' 'Misc Setup' 'Setup Auto Save'
Nov 95 Make 'Print' anti-recursive. Avoid 'FP Divide by Zero' errors. Main1.cpp 'busy - printing'.
Nov 95 If 'Music Note' is 1st character on a line - ignore it.
Nov 95 Don't subclass 'Printer Setup' Dialog when in Windows95.
Nov 95 Add 4 Default buttons to 'Sheet Margins' Dialog.
Nov 95 Add 'Path','Printer Driver','Screen Resolution' to 'Free Resources Dialog'.
Nov 95 Add '.exe' compile date to 'Splash Screen'
Oct 95 ZoomTools Box moves when Minimize-Restore. Don't let it move.
Oct 95 Demo Version: 'How the Demo Works' dialog comes up when starting an unlocked version. Fix.
Oct 95 Demo Version: After successful Unlock, redraw the screen.
Oct 95 Add 'Enable HP II and HP III Compatible Fast Printing' to 'Print' dialog.
Sep 95 Fixed Bug in 'Auto-Exclude' word count. Was showing '1' when user typed a non-zero number into 'count'.