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How to Uninstall ProTEXT - ( and ProDEX - and ProEDIT )
Start "Windows Explorer" - ( NOT Internet Explorer! )
Start Windows Explorer

Find your C: Drive
Find your C drive

Delete a folder named: ProTEXT ( -or- ETSPRO for versions older than July 2002 )
Delete the folder
NOTE: ProTEXT is a very clean program.
ProTEXT does not use the Windows Registry, it only saves files and data to it's own folder.
When you delete the ProTEXT folder, the program and all of it's data are completely removed.
NOTE: Delete any ProTEXT Icons on your desktop - just Right Click the Icon, then Click Delete
NOTE: Delete any ProTEXT Links from your Start Button - just Right Click the ProTEXT menu item, then Click Delete

ProTEXT can be re-installed from this website or your ProTEXT diskette.