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ProTEXT Version History - Topmost items are most recent

Jul 22 2002 ProTEXT Version 2.1 Released with Fix for 'Bad Printer Drivers'
Jul 12 02 Major Change: changed 'printer_extra' from 1,000 to 2,000 bytes (fix misbehaved printer drivers)
          Printer Driver programmers are breaking the rules. Dumb Kids.
Jul 19 02 Change: Default Install Folder is now 'C:\PROTEXT' (was 'C:\ETSPRO')
          Customers remember our website name better than our corporate name.
Jul 12 02 Add: 'Don't show this message in the future' to 'Edit','Edit using ProEDIT' dialog
Jul 12 02 Fix: 'Reset to 1 on Startup' in 'Misc Setups', Page, Sheet Numbering always re-enabled Page, Sheet Numbering on Startup
Jul 12 02 Fix: Menu Spelling error - 'Make and Index' should be spelled 'Make an Index'
Jul 12 02 Removed $100 off message from 'About' 'Order Form' for CRP - CRI Upgrades
Jul 12 02 ProTEXT Help: Removed $100 off message from 'How the Demo Works' Topic for CRP - CRI Upgrades
Jul 12 02 Add: Make ProTEXT DEMO Unlock automatically unlock ProDEX DEMO
Jul 12 02 Help File: Add, remove our old fax and BBS numbers
Jun 22 99 Fix: Help File spelling error - in About, Copyright
Jun 21 99 Fix: Enable 'Edit Using ProEDIT' menu regardless of Windows Version
Jun 22 99 Fix: Order Form wouldn't print unless chars were typed in 'Name' field
Sep 30 98 Note: ProTEXT detects Windows NT as DOS Version 7.0 or higher
ProEDIT Changes ---------------------------------------------------
Jul 12 02 ProEDIT: Add: Calling from the Command Prompt, with a new file name, don't save 0 length unmodified new files
Dec 15 01 ProEDIT Fix: Only draws 1st Page Break of short files if text doesn't exceed bottom of window
Dec 31 98 ProEDIT Fix: Don't allow 'Edit' 'Paste' when only 'rich text' (.rtf) format is in clipboard
Sep 20 98 ProEDIT Fix: Add a 'Find' Option
Sep 20 98 ProEDIT Fix: Add a 'Run ProTEXT on Exit' Option
Aug 1 1998 ProTEXT Version 2.0 Released
Jul 29 98 Add: Prompt 'No Page Breaks' and ask user to shell out to ProEDIT
May 21 98 Change 'Ok' and 'Help' dialog buttons - they looked too much like Borlands'
May 21 98 Add: Ctrl+P shortcut key to 'File', 'Print'
Apr 08 98 Add: 'Edit' 'Edit using ProEDIT' to Menu
Apr 07 98 Add: 'File' 'Open' - 'From Floppy Disk' -and- 'From Hard Drive' Menu Item
Apr 07 98 Fix: Spelling errors in Help File 'Old HP4 Driver' warning
Apr 07 98 Add: 'Enable Append Message' to 'Options' 'Misc Setups' dialog
Apr 07 98 Add: If Binary Chars in ASCII (error) - Show 1st Binary character and line it appeared on
Apr 07 98 Fix: Don't default to 'Bold Questions' on first startup
Feb 10 98 Add: Move word 'Sample' to lower left panel when 'Notes' is lower right panel
Feb 10 98 Add: 'Show Widest Line' dialog should be Modal
Feb 10 98 Add: 'Tallest Page' dialog should be Modal
Mar 17 97 Fix: Bug in Windows95 Rev B. Change WM_RECALCULATE from '309' to 'WM_USER+300'
Jun 11 1996 ProTEXT Version 1.2 Re-Released with HP DJ600i Bug Fix
Driver Bug: HP Deskjet 600i and 800's: - compensate for bug in 'printer_init()' in main1.cpp
Note: ProTEXT maximum pages in any file is limited to 2,000
Add: Allow 10 Title Pages limit, instead of 6
Add: 'Tip of the Day' dialog to program startup - helped limit support calls
Add: Allow ProTEXT to startup ProDEX indexing - automatically
Add: 'Load Example File' to 'Help' menu
Add: 'Show widest line' Dialog
Add: 'About' 'About File' increase count to 1st 14 and last 6 pages
Add: Dialog before 'Print' to display when the Title and Cert page count looks wrong
Add: Allow ProTEXT to start from the command prompt with a passed filename
Fix: When some systems are infected by virus, 'To Sheet nnn' sometimes doesn't appear in 'Print' Dialog (wow)
Move 'Sample' in DEMO version up 1 inch when 'Notes across bottom' is selected
Fix: 'Simulate Lined Paper' option overstrikes when 'Ignore Blank Lines' is selected
Add: Make 'File', 'Exit' like other Windows95 programs
Add: 'Bold Q and A' option
Fix: 'Reading File' Dialog always showed 1 too many pages in ASCII file
Add: 'chicken.txt' and 'abbott.txt' example files to distribution disk
Don't subclass the Printer Setup dialog in Windows95 - it looks kinda ugly
Add: 'Show widest line' Dialog needs a MessageBox() with the length
Add: 4 default bars to 'Sheet Margins' Dialog
Add: '.exe Path' and 'Printer Driver' and 'Screen Size' to 'Free Resources' Dialog
Try to make sure protext.ovl file doesn't get deleted by new versions
Add: Protext.exe file date to opening 'Splash' screen - looks kinda cool
Nov 28 1995 ProTEXT Version 1.2 Released
Add: 'Ctrl-Z' Hotkey displays 'About','About ProTEXT' Splash Screen
Add: 'Tallest Page' Dialog for Title, Testimony, Certificate pages
Fix: Bold Q and A Artificial Line numbers get bolded - I don't like it
Add: Change the 'Cannot create PrintDC' dialog. Make it more friendly looking
Note: It helps to know that Word Perfect .doc documents begin with '.WP' 'FF 57 50'
Update Hewlett Packard support phone numbers in Help File
Oct 23 95 Add: Write 'PROTEXT.HF' file after user presses 'OK' in Header/Footer Dialog
Oct 20 95 Fix: ZoomTools not repainted after being covered up by another window
Fix: ZoomTools box gets forced to upper left when minimized-restored. I don't like that
Change 'Sheet n' 'Page n' variables to 16 bit unsigned long values
Driver Bug: Escape(DRAWPATTERNRECT) causes no borders drawn in Windows95 and some HP Drivers
Add: After an Unlock, redraw the screen, because 'Sample' is now gone
Oct 25 95 Add: HP II and HP III Compatible fast print option in 'Print' dialog
In Windows95, make the main window less tall, allow for the taskbar on bottom
Fix: About, Free Resources, Dialog
Add: That cool code from ProDEX that figures 'lines per page' when file has no page breaks
Nov 4 95 Fix: Options, Misc Setup, Setup Auto Save
Make 'Print' anti-recursive - avoid floating point math divide by 0 errors
Nov 7 95 User can change the starting sheet number
Nov 7 95 User can reset starting sheet, page to '1' on startup
Driver Bug: After any line draw, some printer drivers reset SetBkMode(pf.printDC,TRANSPARENT)
Don't abort readfile because of control codes like Ctrl-Z (End of File)
Set dmFields 1=dmCopies, otherwise only 1 copy ever prints
Make prettier 'Zoom In' 'Zoom Out' buttons
Aug 16 95 Don't give 'Binary Chars' Error for unpaired CR/LF's in ASCII
Fix: Handle very long files with only 1 page break (WP, Word)
Add: Hints for Eclipse Users
Nov 95 'No Page Breaks' Scan file to try to decude number of page breaks from file
'Pages n-n' in lower header - Don't do it
Allow Headers and Footers to have 120 chars
Driver Bug: HP4si is not duplexing - Fix: Don't set dmDuplex==1 in Print.cpp. Make user set duplex mode in 'Printer Setup'
Driver Bug: HP4si is not using my downloaded fonts: User needs driver 32v1.50
Nov 6 95 Allow 6 Certificate Pages
Fix: 'Print to File' always stays active after 1st use - change it
Fix: Baron ASCII Bug: if page break is 1st char of ASCII, ignore it
Print 'Sheet nnnn' only on front sides when printing both sides
Apr 18 95 Fix: Don't allow a printer driver with 0 pixel page height/width
Fix: 'Next' 'Back' buttons didn't work after printing front sides only
When user changes screen from 800x600 to 640x480, don't overspill screen
Activate links in all context sensitive Help areas
Fix: HP540 Printer Driver error - compensate for it
Add: Help: Page Breaks Error, Turn Paper Over, Twenty Setups, Setup Name
Add: Abort Dialog during 'Print' (Windows design requirement)
Fix: Small autoexec.bat file prints too wide, even with fontsmash
Fix: HP4 600dpi Printer Driver Landscape Mode problem - compensate for it
Fix: 'ProTEXT by ETS' picture bitmap looks stupid - make a better one
Make the default icon be the 1st in the Windows 'change icon' list
Add: Binary chars found in file warning
Fix: 'View File in Memory' doesn't show lines when Page Break is the last char on a long line
Make The two Example Files open automatically and randomly on startup
Make 'Music Note' lines obsolete - just gobble them up till next 0,cr,lf,ff
Add: 'Options' 'Order Form' dialog
Fix: If 'Sheet nnnnn Page nnnnn' is too wide (eg: 256 Pages per Sheet), don't print them
Fix: After 'Print' setup changes, don't 'repaint' screen
Fix: If the file has no embedded Page Breaks, don't let user choose 'Use Embedded' in Misc Setup Dialog
Fix: 'Printing Sheet 1 of NNN' in Print Cancel
Fix: Can't print sample file Wilson.txt when 49 Pages per Sheet is selected
Show Message: 'Waiting for Print Manager' during Eject page in 'Print Cancel'
Remove 'Save' and 'Save As' in Main Menu
Remove 'Copy' and 'Clear' and 'View Clipboard' in 'Edit' Main Menu
Remove 'Edit or View File' and Change text editor in Main Menu
Remove 'No file was chosen' if user cancels 'File' 'Open'
View File in Memory: Hook up Hot Keys
Add: Copy from Clipboard: 'Append' option if file already open
Add: '20 Setups' Dialog under 'Options'
Fix: Twin Line borders appear as a solid line on HP LJIII printers - make gap wider
If user has a 16 color screen, default to solid background color
Preview: Go to 50% View, then re-preview. Can't see whole image
Print Dialog: Fix: Front Sides, Both Sides Buttons
Add: 'Print to File' option
Printing: Make print code work in all 'FLAT' styles
Add: Sheet Margins Dialog: Left, Top, Right, Bottom
Add: DEMO version 'UNLOCK' Screen and Dialog
Make an 'Install' utility - In Windows, this is called 'setup.exe'
Fix: File, Open, 02216P.txt: Append. Do it 3 times, Then, File, View File, END Screws up
Fix: Border Style 'I' (Normal+Shadow) is blank
When 'File' 'Open', don't show 'Print Preview' dialog
Set Default to Ignore Left, Top, Bottom, Right blank lines
Save 'File' 'Open' file mask - look only for those files next open
Fix: 'Options' 'Title Pages' Set font for Title and Cert pages
Default to 'Page 1' when program starts up
Add Note Space: 1=Rectangular 2=Sacrifice Panel
Add Full Size Title Page Option to 'Page Layout' Dialog
Create Help Topic: 'No Page Breaks'
Create Help Topic: 'Printing Back Sides'
December 16 1994 ProTEXT Version 1.1 Released
AUTHOR: Val "Rocky" Patterson, ETS, Inc.
CREATED: JUL 01 1994 - adapted code from our "Court Reporter Pro" Condensing for MS-DOS
This Windows API Code is written to be a generic Windows 3.1 application.
The compiler used in the original build was Borland C++ v4.02
Dec 16 1994 ProTEXT version 1.1
Dec 15 1994 Made ProTEXT and ProDEX 2 PROJECTS
March 21 1991 Court Reporter Pro Version 1.0 Released
December 1989 - Released "TOPS" to all of the major BBS in America.
January 1989 - "TOPS" and our "Laser Printer Envelope" (LPE) programs are an instant hit.
Adapted our best selling "Text Output Paper Saver" (TOPS) program for Court Transcripts
Gave the name "Court Reporter Pro" to the Court Reporter version of TOPS.
Windows 3.1 was released in 1993 - the first Windows version to introduce TrueType fonts.
Realized immediately that Court Reporter Pro would work much better with TrueType fonts,
thus, Val began learning the Windows API Programming model of C++ for Windows in Borland C++