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Install Doesn't Work on Windows XP -- or it takes too long
CAUSE 1: Your computer is runing the AdAware Anti-Virus software that is preventing the install.
          Fix: Disable your AdAware software during the install.

CAUSE 2: Your XP computer has been infected by a virus from the internet.

About 1% of Windows XP users have been having trouble installing ProTEXT/ProDEX from disk.

PROBLEM: Start, Run, setup.exe doesn't seem to do anything.
EXPLANATION: It really does work, but takes a very long time!

FIX: Follow the install instructions printed on the disk label.
Then Wait several minutes for the install program to startup.

The virus that causes this problem was more active in the years 2002 thru 2007
By 2008, we have only seen it just a few times.
From 2008 onwards, it is very rare, but the virus is still on some computers.

Sometimes, Windows XP takes a long time to launch the setup program.
I have seen cases where it takes up to 5 minutes to complete.
It is caused by a virus, but we don't know which virus is causing this problem!
Until we find out -- all you can do is wait for the setup program to finish.