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If ProTEXT works with your Printer, but ProDEX doesn't

ProDEX Printer Problem with Windows XP / Service Pack 2
Problem:    ProDEX is getting Printer Driver Errors in XP with Service Pack 2.
ProTEXT runs fine, but ProDEX (indexing) is getting Printer Driver Errors.
Why: You have a slightly older version of ProDEX that was written before the Summer of 2002.
NOTE: From ProDEX - press CTRL-Z - to see it's release date.

The Fix:
  1. Download the FREE ProTEXT/ProDEX Demo software from this website.
    This will install the latest versions of ProTEXT and ProDEX on your computer.
  2. Test the newer version. See if this fixes your problem.
  • If this fixes the problem, you will need to order an upgrade CD.
    Visit our Order Page to see how you can order a newer version.
  • If this doesn't fix the problem,
    Click Here - to see how to install a better printer driver.