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ProTEXT Starts, then Closes in Window XP - bagle.z Worm
ProTEXT Starts, then Closes in Windows XP
Also: ( The MS-DOS Prompt ) won't run.

PROBLEM: ProTEXT Starts, then Closes after 3 to 15 seconds.
EXPLANATION: Your XP computer could be infected by the worm (virus) W32/bagle.z
You might see drvsys.exe in your running processes.
It alters the windows registry at the following location to load itself during next startup

TO FIX: Delete the virus drvsys.exe and restart your computer.

1 - Press Start, press Search, then click All Files and Folders.
2 - In the All or Part of the filename box, type drvsys.exe
3 - Press the Search button.
4 - Wait for Windows to search all of your Hard Drives (C: D: or whatever yours are).
5 - If the virus is found, it will appear in the right pane of the Search dialog.
6 - Delete drvsys.exe,drvsys.exeopen,drvsys.exeopenopen files that were found.
7 - This step is advanced, but there is no other way to explain it:
      Remove the drvsys.exe value from your registry at:
8 - Restart your computer.
After you restart, you may want to check to see if the worm has re-installed itself.
If it has, delete it again.

Advanced Users: Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and look for drvsys.exe in Processes.
Terminate it, close Task Manager, then delete drvsys.exe from C:\Windows\System folder.
No need to restart your computer, but next time you do, be sure drvsys.exe did not re-appear.

This worm seems to be looking for the Norton Anti-Virus program.
Every 15 seconds or so, it Closes Norton Anti-Virus if it thinks it's running.
The stupid virus thinks that ProTEXT is the Norton Anti-Virus program.

This worm (virus) doesn't appear to harm your computer, it is only very annoying.
This worm only infects XP computers that have been connected to the internet.
If your XP has never been connected to the net, you won't have this virus.
For some reason, Windows XP seems to be much more vulnerable
to viruses than older versions of Windows. I'm sorry about that.