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Hints for all Advo CAT users
ProTEXT works very well with all versions of Advo CAT !

HELP! - My Advo CAT ASCII doesn't contain Page Breaks
Problem: The ASCII file created by Advo CAT does not contain Page Breaks.

Solution: From within your Advo CAT program:
Step 1: Go to the "Litigation Support" menu.
Step 2: Select Create ASCII FILE
Step 3: Type the filename into the DESTINATION field.
Step 4: Type TTYFF into the Printer field.
Step 5: Press Enter.
Then: Your ASCII file will be created.
HELP! - What happened to Advo CAT?
Since 1991, hundreds of Court Reporters have called me asking how to contact Advo CAT support.
The new company name is TeliTor, doing business in Mill Creek, WA.
Their website is
This information was last updated April 7th 2009