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If you're using CAT Software to create your transcripts...
ProTEXT works with ALL CAT Software
Advo Cat, AristoCAT, Baron, Case Catalyst, Cheetah, Cimarron,
DigitalCAT, Eclipse, Gigatron, Global CAT, Maestro, OmniCAT,
OzPC, Premier Power, ProCAT, SmartCAT, Spirit, StenoCAT, Stenograph,
Stenovations, TurboCAT, Xscribe, XEC 5, XEC 2001

Hints for all CAT Software users - How to Print a Condensed and Keyword Index
First - Make an ASCII file
Create the same type of ASCII disk you would deliver to your client with your full size printed transcript.
Remember the Disk Drive and Folder where you saved your ASCII file.
Remember the Filename that you gave to your ASCII file.
Note: This is the same ASCII file that you give the Lawyer.

Run ProTEXT (the condensing program)
  1. Start ProTEXT by pressing "Start", "Programs", "ProTEXT", then "ProTEXT"
  2. Select "File", then "Open" and select the ASCII TEXT file which you created.
  3. Select "File", then "Print" to Print your Condensed Transcript.
  4. Proceed to "Run ProDEX" (or you can enable "Options", "Misc Setup...", "Run ProDEX on Exit").
Run ProDEX (the indexing program)
  1. Start ProDEX by pressing "Start", "Programs", "ProTEXT", then "ProDEX".
  2. If you started ProDEX Stand-alone (by itself)
    Select "File", then "Make an Index" and select the ASCII TEXT file which you created.
  3. If you started ProDEX automatically (when you exited ProTEXT)
    Your file was automatically opened and indexed.
  4. Select "File", then "Print an Index" to Print your Word Index.