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CondenseIT! by MicroScope
CondenseIT was a popular Condensing and Indexing program for MS-DOS.
The Condensing program sold for $395.00
The Indexing program sold for $245.00
Both programs together cost $495.00
For many years, MicroScope, Inc. sold CondenseIT directly to customers.
Before MicroScope went out of business, however, Stenograph Corporation bundled CondenseIT with their CAT Software.
CondenseIT users were plagued by the problem that the programs worked only with HP LaserJet II compatible laser printers.
After CondenseIT went out of business, many of their customers migrated to ProTEXT.
A lot of CondenseIT users have told us that they wish they would have purchased ProTEXT
from the beginning - and are disappointed for paying so much for CondenseIT.
ProTEXT always had a lot more options than CondenseIT, and was a vastly better program overall.
You can still purchase used copies of CondenseIT ($100) from a few vendors on the internet.

If you were a CondenseIT customer, you will LOVE ProTEXT !

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