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Hints for Eclipse users

Where did Eclipse save my ASCII file?
Answer: Normally, Eclipse will save your ASCII text file in your C: drive under the following path:
Here is their formula
C:\eclipse\"your user name"\filename.txt
For example - C:\eclipse\julie\Sample.txt
For example - C:\eclipse\julie\filename.txt
For example - C:\eclipse\robert\Sample.txt
For example - C:\eclipse\robert\filename.txt

NOTE: Eclipse ASCII files usually end with ".txt"
Note: This is not written in stone. Your system may vary, since a user can create folders with any name.
The default Eclipse ASCII text file folder, however, is as shown above.
My Eclipse ASCII file has no Page Breaks
Problem: ProTEXT is not separating my pages correctly.
Cause: There are No Page Breaks in your ASCII file.
Fix 1: Re-Do your ASCII from Eclipse, but don't use the "Amicus" Format.
Fix 2: Re-Do your ASCII from Eclipse, but Enable the "Form Feeds" option.
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