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One method to Convert to ASCII from MSWord 2000 and Newer
Click Here to see a method that may work better. (the DOS Text/Only method)
Click Here for older versions of MSWord. (like Word 97 and such)

Open your Document in Microsoft Word.
For Our Example, assume the MS Word Document looks like this
In this example, we used the Pleading Wizard. Line Numbering is enabled.
Word Example
You can open this MS Word sample file by Clicking Here
This MS Word document is named WordSample1.doc (It will open in a new window)

Using the - Save As Plain Text - method from Microsoft Word
From Microsoft Word, with your finished document open (and saved),
Select File, then Save As
In the "Save as type" listbox, Select "Plain Text" from the list.
  1. NOTE: If the 'Save as type' listbox doesn't have 'Plain Text' as a choice, this method will not work.
    This means that not all of the Word Converters were installed, when you installed Word.
Make your settings match the dialog below, then Press OK
  File, Save As, Plain Text
Then Exit Microsoft Word
  1. NOTE: If you don't exit Microsoft Word, you will get a sharing violation error.
    This is because Microsoft Word has ownership of the new ASCII file.
    Closing Word releases the ownership of the ASCII file, allowing other programs to use the file.
Now Run our ProEDIT program, and Open the new ASCII file created by Microsoft Word.
You use our ProEDIT program to clean up the file, and add any missing Page Breaks.

Click Here - How to add Page Breaks using ProEDIT.
Click Here - to see a method that may work better. (the DOS Text/Only method)