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ProTEXT Settings for most Word and Word Perfect ASCII files
After converting and cleanup of your Word or WordPerfect ASCII file,
and your ASCII file contains NO Line Numbers, ProTEXT has a setting that fixes it.
This topic explains ProTEXT Auto Testimony Line Numbering - it can really help you!
  • NOTE: ProTEXT will only Auto Line Number pages marked as Testimony Pages.
    It doesn't add Line Numbers to Title and Certificate Pages.
    ProTEXT lets you choose the Number of Title and Certificate Pages,
    so all other pages are deemed Testimony Pages in ProTEXT.
    This can be a very useful feature - when you need it !

If you see NO Line Numbers - Here is the Fix
ProTEXT can simulate Line Numbers in the testimony pages.
From ProTEXT select Options, Misc Setup.
Make your Setup match this one (especially the circled items)

If you see Two sets of Line Numbers - Here is the Fix
Auto Testimony Line Numbering will add numbers to ANY DOCUMENT!
Including ASCII files that already have Line Numbers!
Select - Auto Testimony Line Numbering -to- 'None' - when this happens.

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