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Hints for Xscribe XEC 5 users
Hints for Spirit users (the old Cimarron Spirit for MS-DOS)
ProTEXT works very well with Cimarron Spirit CAT software

Here are some suggestions we have developed since 1991
to help Spirit users make better ASCII files, and to find their Spirit ASCII files on disk.

Problem 1: There are funny looking characters around my text.
Fix: Turn off the Box Draw option in Spirit, then create your ASCII text file.

How to turn off Box Draw characters inside Spirit:
Sometimes Spirit includes "Box Drawing" characters into the text file, which will show up as funny looking European-type characters in Microsoft Windows. If you use the setup below inside your Spirit program, paying special attention to the "Box [0]" setting at the end of the 10th line, this will turn off the box draw characters in your ASCII text file.

First Line of Text [4]        Reference Numbering [YES]
Last Line of Text [52]        First Line for Ref. No. [4]
Single Space [NO]             Starting Page No. [1]
Space Between Lines [9]       Page No. Position Line [54]
Space Between Character [13]  Page No. Position Column [60]
Print Upper Case [NO]
Translate All Caps [NO]
Steno Break [+*]
Tabs [11,16,36]
Laser Printer Top Margin [180]  Left Margin [850]  Box [0]
Margins    Regular
  Left      [7]
  Right     [62]

Problem 2: I can't find my ASCII text file.
Fix: Normally, Spirit will save your ASCII text file in the root folder of your C: drive
Example: - C:\filename.CAT
Example: - C:\sample.CAT

Note: Spirit uses .CAT for your file extension, so look for a file ending with the letters .CAT
Note: This is not written in stone. Your system may vary, since a user can create disk folders with any name. The default Spirit ASCII text file directory, however, is as shown above.