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Hints for StenoCAT for Windows users
StenoCAT Using ProTEXT with StenoCAT software

ProTEXT works very well with all versions of StenoCAT !

Problem: I can't find my ASCII text file on my Hard Drive.
Solution: Normally, StenoCat will save your ASCII text file
on your C: drive and, in a folder named: stduser
C:\stduser will normally end with the letters ".TXT"

Example Stenocat file names:

For Beginners: If you want to always find your ASCII easily, simply save it to your A: drive.
(This is your Floppy disk drive)

Note: This rule is not written in stone.
Your system may vary, since a user can create disk directories with any name under the sun.
The default StenoCat ASCII text file directory, however, is as shown above.