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WordPerfect - using a Generic/Text Printer to make an ASCII file
Step 1 - Make an ASCII text file from your Word Perfect file
  1. From Word Perfect, open the document (.wpd) you want to make an ASCII from.
  2. Select "File", then "Print".
  3. Change "Current printer" to "Generic / Text Only". (Usually in the "Details" tab).
    SEE: How to add the Windows Generic / Text Only Printer driver to your list of printers.
  4. Click "Print to file".
  5. Beneath "Print to file", type this File name "C:\sample". (This will become "C:\sample.prn" later)
    NOTE: Word Perfect will always append ".prn" to the File name!
    NOTE: If you type "C:\sample.prn" Word Perfect changes it to "C:\sample.prn.prn" -- watch out!!
  6. Click "Print". Word Perfect creates and writes to your new ASCII file.
  7. Click "File", then "Print" and restore your original printer setting.".
  8. Close Word Perfect.
  • Note: This works best when your entire document is using a fixed pitch font (such as Courier New)
  • Note: Some page reformatting can take place during the conversion - use our ProTEXT3 to manually repair any conversion problems.

Step 2 - Open the ASCII text file in ProTEXT3 - Clean up the Conversion
  1. Start ProTEXT3 by pressing "Start", "Programs", "ProTEXT3".
  2. Select "File", "Open" and select the ASCII TEXT file which you created (above).
    (Type "C:\sample.prn" in the "File name" box if you used our filename suggestion above)
  3. Visually inspect and clean up the document, inserting Page Breaks if needed.
    There MUST be a PAGE BREAK at the bottom of EVERY PAGE in the ASCII file!
ProTEXT3 Edit Mode

The ProTEXT3 Editor has a powerful Page Break Wizard Tool.
From the ProTEXT3 Editor, click Tools, then Run the Page Break Wizard...

How to Install the Generic / Text Only Printer driver on your computer.
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