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Hints for Xscribe XEC 5 users
Using ProTEXT with XScribe XEC 5 Software
XScribe Problem: I can't find my ASCII text file.
Solution: Since Xscribe is a CPM system (before IBM PC computers), you are probably going to read in your ASCII text file from a floppy drive.
Try looking in your A: or B: disk drive for your file.

Note: Normally, your files will have an extension of .001
In other words; the file name you will be looking for ends with a period, two zeros and a one.

Problem: My ASCII text file created with XEC 5 does not contain page breaks.
Solution: Xscribe XEC 5 (the old version) is the only CAT software which cannot put page breaks into an ascii text file.
You can now easily paginate these files using our FREE ProEDIT software.
Simply open your XEC 5 ASCII file into ProEDIT, then use the auto repeat function to add a page break to the bottom of each page in your document. You should be able to paginate a 100 page job in just a few seconds (after you get up to speed using ProEDIT).